‘Packing Dental’ For Summer Camp

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‘Packing Dental’ For Summer Camp

Smiling camp kidsLike all of us, children respond better to routine. Daily tasks like grooming and teeth brushing are reinforced by the mundane “sameness” of a predictable regimen. When routines are interrupted, children are the first to deviate from good habits like oral hygiene. Routine healthy habits reinforces good behavior. It helps children adapt better to daily tasks like teeth brushing because they can control their environment. They are masters of their own destiny. Sudden changes can interrupt this routine, and lead to non-compliance. Gently remind your child to brush while at camp and choose a camp that has adequate structure that will encourage good habits away from home. Here are more ways to keep your child’s smile cavity-free and beautiful.

Camp Checklist

Tip 1: Eat Well

Good nutrition contributes greatly to healthy teeth, gums, nervous system, and bones.  Be sure to advise your child on the right choices — more low sugar fruits and veggies, less soda, candy and gum.

Tip 2: Brush & Floss After Eating

Impress upon your camper that tooth brushing and flossing is a single activity after meals — flossing completes tooth brushing because dental floss goes where a toothbrush cannot reach.  Flossing helps ensure healthy gums and fresh breath and prevents cavities.That’s kinda cool!

Tip 3: Play It Safe

Avoid any unnecessary cosmetic dentistry procedure.  Protect your child’s teeth while playing sports with a custom fit mouthguard.Call Fairfield Dental Associates at (203) 255-2841 — I’ll explain the benefits of a custom fit mouthguard vs. “over-the-counter” models bought at sporting goods stores.

Tip 4: Avoid The Relapse

If your child is recovering from a common cold or virus just prior to leaving for camp, be sure to replace his/her toothbrush with a new one.The toothbrush harbors viruses and bacteria that caused the illness to begin with.

Tip 5: Have Regular Dental Checkups 

Regardless of how compliant your child is with dental hygiene at camp, routine dental exams every six months are the best way to safeguard his/her oral health, save time, money and discomfort in the future.

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