No Teeth Yet? What to Feed Your Baby This Thanksgiving

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No Teeth Yet? What to Feed Your Baby This Thanksgiving

baby high chairLooking for healthy, harvest-style foods for your baby’s first Thanksgiving? It can be difficult to know what to feed a baby or young toddler in the midst of all the preparation and family festivities. Don’t worry. These finger foods will delight the pickiest eater even if teeth have not yet appeared. Here are some healthy options for budding teeth.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are full of vitamins for your little eater, including beta carotene and vitamin A. Plus, they have a touch of sweetness, so they’re perfect without any sauces or toppings. Just peel a sweet potato, cut it into chunks and steam it until tender. Serve it to your baby as is for a perfect finger food.

Turkey and Apple

On Thanksgiving, most families cook a turkey big enough to feed an army. Don’t hesitate to offer up a bite to your little one. Choose some tender white meat, remove the skin and cut it up into small pieces. Pair it with some roasted apple for extra sweetness. To prepare, peel the apple, and cut it into chunks. Place the chunks of apple into a baking dish along with a cinnamon stick for extra flavor, and bake at 350 degrees or until tender.

Green Beans and Pears

Babies love the sweet and juicy taste of pears. Mix a few pieces of cut up pears with some steamed, chopped green beans for a delightful combo. It is very important to prepare your baby’s green beans separately from the rest of your family’s green bean casserole since many of these types of dishes contain ingredients unsuitable for baby.

Pumpkin “Pie”

Since most traditional pumpkin pies contain ingredients that aren’t healthy for babies, such as excess sugar and egg whites, make a separate dessert for your child. Stir a scoop of pumpkin puree into a cup of yogurt until it is evenly mixed and creamy. Add a sprinkle of nutmeg for extra flavor, and your baby will gobble it right up!

Celebrate your baby’s first Thanksgiving the right way with these healthy and delicious foods. Once the festivities are over, don’t forget to brush your child’s teeth with a fluoride-free toothpaste before tucking him into bed.

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