For Kids Only-Do You Want To Make the Tooth Fairy Happy (-: ?

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For Kids Only-Do You Want To Make the Tooth Fairy Happy (-: ?

tooth fairyIt is not always easy to convince your children to take proper care of their teeth, especially when they’re still very young. Sometimes no amount of explanation will make them care about good dental hygiene. So why not appeal to their childhood imagination and tell them how happy they’ll make the Tooth Fairy by taking care of their teeth? Here are some dental tips that kids can easily understand, remember and have fun with. Your kids will have fun taking care of their teeth if they know they’ll earn points with the Tooth Fairy every time they follow these dental tips:

Brush Twice a Day to Say Goodbye to Icky Germs.

Germs are the Tooth Fairy’s enemies because they destroy kids’ teeth. Tell your kids that they will make the Tooth Fairy happy by brushing twice a day and banishing all the bad guys from their mouth. To make brushing fun, they can sing a fun song in their head, such as Barney’s “Brushing My Teeth” song.


Not all germs are banished merely by brushing. Tell your kids that while flossing may be tiresome, the Tooth Fairy wants to make sure that no germs are left lurking in the dark recesses of their mouth. Flossing is so effective that they only have to do it once a day!

Eat Lots of Healthy Food.

To encourage your kids to avoid sweets and starchy snacks, tell them they’ll earn plus points with the Tooth Fairy if they eat healthy fruits and vegetables instead. Healthy foods have super powers!

Visit the Dentist Regularly for Superhero Teeth.

Most kids dread visiting the dentist. Ease their fears by telling them that by being brave and facing the dentist, they’ll be like superheroes with superhero teeth, and the Tooth Fairy will undoubtedly be proud.


The Tooth Fairy loves happy kids, so surround them with positive people and experiences to encourage them to smile every day and show the world their healthy, pearly whites.

Eventually, your kids will be expecting the Tooth Fairy to reward them with points, of course. This will most likely force you to fork over a few bucks when the time comes and their baby teeth fall out. But the benefits of your kids’ great, healthy teeth will be worth it.

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