Just How Do Celebrities Maintain Their Smile?

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Just How Do Celebrities Maintain Their Smile?

Celebrity Profile: Kristin Chenoweth

Beyond Coke [the drink!], what keeps Chenowith grinning? Everyday Health asked her to reveal her top-five, no-fail smile inducers. Here’s what she told us:

  1. Going to the mall
  2. Her dog Maddie (a Maltese, who she gushes about in the January issue of Prevention Magazine: “Show business can make you so self-focused, even if you’re not that kind of person,” she told the magazine. “Since I wasn’t married and didn’t have a child, I needed something to take care of. So I got a dog.”)
  3. Her new car
  4. Getting in clean sheets
  5. Taking a walk on a beautiful sunny day

How She Keeps Her Smile Sparkling (and How You Can Too!)

Since Chenoweth is practically the poster girl for grinning, she has taken on another important pet project: Promoting good dental health (okay, so maybe she’s a quintuple threat).

Teaming up with mouthwash maker Listerine for the “Your Mouth Has Something to Say” campaign, Chenoweth is helping raise awareness for America’s Toothfairy , a national nonprofit dedicated to pediatric dental disease — a top chronic illness in children.

“I’ll take pictures with people who don’t want to smile because they don’t like the way it looks,” she says. “Dental health is so important. I just found out that when you brush your teeth, it only cleans 25 percent of your mouth. That’s like only washing the pillows in your bed linens. We’re really trying to drive home how important it is to floss and rinse.” To help out, Chenoweth is helping promote a series of dental-health videos on Listerine’s Web site. In turn, Listerine is donating a portion of its proceeds to America’s Toothfairy.

And Chenoweth’s healthy smile comes with one big bonus: It keeps her looking youthful. A recent study published in the journal Cognition and Emotion found that age often gets underestimated in people who wear happy expressions. “I’m 43 years old, but some people say I look like I am 33,” she says.

Now that’s something to smile about.

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