Cosmetic Dentistry: Luxury or Necessity?

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Luxury or Necessity?

Whether you need major changes or slight repairs, your dentist can do different procedures to make your smile looking better. From chipped teeth, discolored and missing to misshapen teeth, there are a variety of options to improve your teeth. Your dentist can close gaps, change its length, reshape it or restore worn teeth. Below are some of the most common procedures done in cosmetic dentistry .
Tooth enamel
Note: These enhancements are not only for cosmetic reasons. Many of these procedures can actually help oral problem such as a bite.

1. Bonding

The bonding procedure uses tooth-colored material to change teeth color or fill in spaces. It only needs one dental visit but the result can last for many years. However, bonding is more prone to chipping or staining. Bonding composite resin is the best material to use if the teeth are slightly decayed or chipped. Also, it can be used for closing gaps or covering the entire tooth to alter its shape and color.

2. Bleaching

Bleaching is a very popular dental procedure for whitening teeth. There are also a variety of choices in bleaching such as vanishing teeth stains or changing to a whiter shade. Teeth discoloration is can be due to coffee, medication, cigarettes and tea. It can also be hereditary or just part of getting older.

Bleaching can be done in an office, though at-home bleaching is possible but should be under dental supervision. The treatment starts when the dentist makes a personalized mouthpiece to make sure the proper amount of whitening treatment is used.

3. Crowns

Also called as caps, crowns cover an entire tooth to make it look normal in appearance and shape. Because of the cost, crowns are only used in times when other procedures won’t be effective. Among all cosmetic restorations, crowns have the longest life expectancy, but are also the most time-consuming.

4. Veneers

Veneers are made of plastic or porcelain placed on the front teeth to change the shape or color of the teeth. It is commonly used for teeth that are discolored, chipped, unevenly spaced or with uneven surfaces. Little or no anesthesia is required.

A cheaper alternative to crowns, the dentist needs to get an ‘impression’ of your tooth. Unlike bonding, veneers have better color stability and longer life expectancy.

5. Contouring/Reshaping

Tooth contouring or reshaping is used for correcting crooked teeth, irregularly shaped teeth or overlapping teeth. This procedure is used to change the shape, length or position of the teeth. It may also help correct bite problems. It is commonly done together with bonding. Ideal candidates for this procedure are those with healthy, normal teeth but want to get subtle changes in their smile.

Which Procedure is Suited for Me?

Your teeth’s condition and the desired result usually dictate the right procedure for you. If you are considering getting cosmetic dentistry procedure, ask these questions to your dentist.

1. What should I expect with my course of treatment?

2. What will my teeth look like?

3. What kind of maintenance will be needed?

The right dentist can answer these entire questions to improve your smile. Choose a dentist that is skilled in cosmetic dentistry.

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