Can Adults Benefit From Fluoride?

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Can Adults Benefit From Fluoride?

TOOTHMany adults take medicines that can cause dry mouth. This is also called xerostomia. Many common drugs have this side effect. They include antihistamines and medicines for allergies, anxiety and high blood pressure.

Some diseases also can cause dry mouth. The most notable are Sj√∂gren’s syndrome and diabetes.

Decreased saliva flow can increase your risk of dental decay. That’s because saliva washes away bits of food that are fuel for decay-causing bacteria. These bacteria produce acids that decay teeth. Saliva helps to neutralize the acids. It also contains many minerals, including fluoride, that help keep your teeth decay-free.

If you are having dry mouth, try using a fluoride mouthwash. It can help to moisten your mouth and protect your teeth. You also can buy saliva substitutes at the pharmacy. Many people use them to replace the saliva they lack.

Sucking on sugar-free hard candy or chewing sugar-free gum to increase the flow of saliva helps. Products that contain xylitol are the most helpful. This natural sugar helps to protect teeth from decay.

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