Happy Mother’s Day! Here Are Dental Tips for the New Mom

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Happy Mother’s Day! Here Are Dental Tips for the New Mom

Dental Health Tips for Moms

For Expecting & New Moms:

Whether she is pregnant or adopting, women who are expecting the arrival of a child, as well as new moms, can expect to be getting a lot less sleep for a while.  Less sleep can impact bone health and bone tissue regeneration.  This can have an impact on overall health as well as on teeth and gums.  Mild to moderate gum disease is common in women who are pregnant, so regular checkups are extra important.  You can find more information for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, including some myths, in our previous blog post.

Calcium and Magnesium are important minerals for expecting and new mothers to build up and maintain during this critical period.  Calcium is known to help build and maintain bones and teeth, and Magnesium helps to transport Calcium around the body.  Magnesium is also known to promote restful sleep and reduce issues such as headaches, leg cramps, and even teeth grinding (bruxism).  Calcium and Magnesium can be found naturally in many  foods, and can be taken as supplements.  Magnesium can also be absorbed through the skin via creams, oils and bath salts.

Gift Ideas for expecting and new moms: Help Mom to get some restful sleep with a sleep mask, or via a relaxing, bone-building bath with Magnesium bath flakes.  Also remember to give the priceless gift of peace and quiet to help mom relax and sleep well!

For Moms with older children:

Children grow quickly, and a lot of mothers wonder where the time goes.  There are school, activities, appointments, transportation, and the million other things mothers manage to cram into just one day.  With all the effort and time spent on raising children, moms may often put their own health needs aside and delay things like regular checkups with the doctor and dentist.  For moms that are always on the go, we suggest finding ways to make it as easy as possible to maintain good home oral health care.  With younger kids, it can be fun and healthy to set aside family time for teeth brushing and flossing.  Oral-B and Disney, as well as the Partnership for Healthy Mouths & Healthy Lives, have an app for timing those two minutes and making oral hygienee fun.   For moms that are not afraid to dance while brushing, download the BrushDJ app.  It can even help remind mom when it’s time to switch to a new toothbrush, or schedule a dental checkup!  We also strongly encourage even the busiest of moms to take time for themselves and schedule regular well woman visits and dental checkups.

Gift Ideas for Moms on the GO: A travel cosmetic case filled with dental health goodies like a travel toothbrush, floss picks and toothpaste.  Alone time can be hard to come by for mothers.  Abluetooth shower speaker may help mom take some time for herself.

For “Experienced” Moms & Grandmothers:

As women age, changes in hormones and other factors can increase the risk for bone loss and gum disease.  Stress, sleep and diet all have an impact on oral health as well as whole-body wellness.  Adults in general are living longer and more active lives, which means it is even more important for older women to care for their smiles and their bodies.  A diet rich in Calcium and Magnesium is still important, as well as a healthy and active lifestyle.  Bone loss often appears first in the jaw, and senior women may have dental work such as implants, partials or dentures that need regular care.  That’s why well woman visits and regular dental checkups remain important throughout life.

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