Brace Yourself For A New Smile

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Brace Yourself For A New Smile

slideshow-home-female-3Misaligned teeth can undermine your confidence, make you smile less and affect your personal and social life. Fortunately, there are many orthodontic teeth straightening solutions available that will leave you with beautifully straight teeth and confidence to smile more. Teeth straightening is almost exclusively carried out by private dentists and cost will vary depending on treatment and service provider.

Along with traditional metal braces, you can now find several forms of cosmetic, clear, non-visible or invisible braces. A dental consultation and conversation with your dentist will help you get a better idea of the treatment options for you. A written treatment plan with costs and an indication of treatment duration should always form the basis of making your decision to proceed with this form of treatment. Many adults as well as children now have orthodontic treatment, as the benefits will last the rest of their lives.

Depending on the method of treatment you opt for and the complexity of the situation, this is a possibility; certain alignment treatments are only possible after some teeth have been taken out. The teeth are removed in most cases to create space to allow the remaining teeth to be straightened.

You may feel some initial tenderness but the fitting is a painless procedure. You may have trouble pronouncing certain sounds whilst you are getting used to your braces, but this will usually pass as you adjust over the first few days.

It is advisable not to eat foods that may damage your braces or cause you discomfort. You should also avoid sweets, juices and fizzy drinks, something that can be a common issue with dental hygiene for children. Your dentist will provide tailored advice based on which treatment option you undergo.

If using an invisible aligner, it is important to only remove it for eating, drinking, and cleaning your teeth. If you wear your aligner for less than 20 hours per day, there is a chance that the treatment will not be as effective or fast.

Teeth straightening is a cosmetic dental treatment, so it is not generally available through the NHS. The private cost involved varies from treatment to treatment. A removable aligner will cost around £1,200 for each jaw, and prices for traditional metal braces start from £2,000. Cosmetic options will begin at around £2,500. It is worth considering your investment carefully and choosing a dentist that you are happy with, as the treatment duration can last years. Also consider that many dentists offer finance options and payment plans to help with the cost of the treatment. Dental discount plans that often give an immediate discount for a course of treatment are also available, alongside traditional dental insurance.

Essentially, yes, you will need a retainer following your treatment.  An orthodontic retainer is a device worn after active teeth straightening is complete. The device maintains the new position of the teeth and is either a permanent retainer (fixed to the teeth) or a removable retainer. This is true of almost all orthodontic treatment and is essential to avoid the risk of the teeth moving back to their original position.

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