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Orthodontic care for the whole family and straight teeth aren't just something you give your kids. At Wilkinson Orthodontics and Children's Dentistry, we believe it's never too late for kids AND their moms and dads to have a straighter smile.


Pediatric Dental Services

From infancy up through the teen years, it's important to establish and maintain proper dental hygiene. Give your children a winning smile today with Wilkinson Orthodontics and Children's Dentistry.



There are many reasons that can create a dull smile. Let us change that with our teeth whitening services. Our staff  uses the most up-to-date technology resulting in giving you your finest smile.

Preventive & Cosmetic Dentistry

Case Studies

Missing Tooth Replacement

Studies show that seven out of ten adults are missing at least one permanent tooth [Adults 65 and older-that number...

Tooth-colored Fillings

Our Tooth-colored fillings, provide good durability and resistance to fracture in small- to mid-size fillings that need to withstand moderate...


  • My son loves going to the dentist.. Dr. Greg and his entire staff are kind, professional and caring. My son sees Dr. Greg as his general dentist and now as his orthodontist. We couldn’t be happier with Dr. Greg. He gives his clients great smiles.

    Cynthia G.


  • Sometimes I catch myself looking at my beautiful daughter and thinking of all of Dr. Wilkinsons hard work. She has a beautiful smile! Thanks!..

    Cindy Dunaj Coady


  • Cleanings, cavities filled in middle of braces TOTALLY recommend and have recommended and those who have taken my recommendation LOVE him too!…



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